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Moffat’s Women - River Song

River Song is confident, mischievous and adventurous. She’s technologically savvy, a trained killer, an archaeologist with a genuine love for her subject and she’s turned flirting into an art form. Her story is told out of order, more often than not back-to-front, but keeping this in mind, the most stunning character development is revealed.

When we “first” meet her at the Library, she’s come a long way from the young, reckless, destructive person she was in the beginning. She’s become more independent, she’s grown to not to put her own needs above those of the universe, she’s learned to be caring and empathic and she’s gained a complete and complex image of the Doctor - the best man she’s ever known, with all his faults. And however much River loves him, he’s hardly all there is to her life. She has her own adventures… sometimes he’s lucky enough to be invited along.

River doesn’t always walk away undamaged, but you can be sure she’s landing on her feet, even if it means hiding just how hurt she is. And she’ll find a way to have fun, whether it’s pissing off Sontarans or investigating Weeping Angels in New York in the 1930s.


Mini Swan Queen AU’s (4/?)
Continuation of Part 3

I found it," came a soft, breathless whisper, causing Regina’s vacant gaze to focus and return to the present.  Her red-rimmed eyes were glossy as she quickly flicked them across her cell toward the blonde’s.

Found what?" Regina hissed, becoming frustrated by the blonde’s constant antics.  Ever since she had revealed herself to Regina all the young woman had done was create a very much unneeded annoyance.  "Your mind, perhaps?

Don’t be a bitch," the blonde whispered, but the sound of a mischievous smirk did not go unnoticed by Regina.  "You’ll like this, I promise."  The joint cells suddenly became oddly quiet, aside from the familiar clank of iron against iron, which instantly piqued Regina’s interest.  Sitting up straighter, the brunette pushed herself from the old wooden chair and stood, peering over into the blonde’s cell.

What the hell are you doing?

Getting the hell out of here," the blonde whispered, tilting her head closer to what she was working on.  The new angle gave Regina the proper ability to see what the devious young woman had been doing.  A silent gasp escaped Regina’s lips as she walked closer to the bars of her cell.  The blonde had found something thin and sharp, something that would easily pick the locks of both of their cells.

With a triumphant creak, and groan of metal, Regina’s eyes lit up as she saw the padlock forced open easily.  Inching even closer to the bars she licked her lips, nearly being able to taste the freedom that the not-so-annoying blonde was bestowing upon her.

In a rush, the blonde shuffled over towards Regina’s locked bars and began fiddling with the locks fervently.  Already knowing the pattern of the locks rather well from opening her own, the blonde made quick work of the chains, and was soon greeted with the beautiful sound of the rusty lock squealing as it opened.

Regina was stunned, perhaps she toyed with the idea of this blonde stranger rescuing her from the dungeon walls and her fateful demise, yet the brunette couldn’t, for the life of her, understand why the blonde was doing it.  It caused Regina to freeze, her feet planted to the muddy ground.

Hurry," the blonde encouraged, motioning with her hands as her head whipped back, listening.  "The guards aren’t far, I can hear them nearing the western tunnels, you gotta hurry.

Nodding, Regina smiled as she rounded the door of her cell and met the blonde face to face for the first time, at least without thick, iron bars separating them.

Thank you…" Regina said in a small voice, her eyes dilating, "I don’t say that often, so don’t get used to the idea of any more gratitude from me, street rat.

Gratitude looks good on you," the blonde grinned, heading towards the eastern tunnels, motioning with her hand for Regina to follow.  "And, although street rat is a cute little nickname, I prefer Emma.



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